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'ECO Friendly'

 adj. A product or idea that is ecologically friendly. Something that was designed or implemented to have a small footprint on the environment, either through manufacturing or use. 

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Large Honey Wrap

Large Honey Wrap


 Salad bowl size ( 33 cm x 33 cm)

Washable with cold water and mild soap

Will last up to one year following simple instructions

PS. Inside each pack is a secret paper which will grow into wild flowers - food for bees


100% Pure Vegetable Oil Based Soaps

100% Pure Vegetable Oil Based Soaps


Handcrafted  by 'THE SCENTED SOAP DELI' in NZ

Available in Patchouli, Berry Crush,  Pineapple, Lavender & Flowers,  Rose & Petal,  Orange Crush,  Sea Kelp,  Lime Blossom,  Tropical Frangipani, Goats Milk,  Honeysuckle,  Patchouli, Carnation, Lemongrass and Gardeners Soap with Myrtle leaves

Not only do these soaps smell divine but beautiful to use daily





Wall Hanging

Wall Hanging


New Product


Nature's First Aid Kit

Nature's First Aid Kit


Perfect for the toilet cupboard or handbag and for travelling

These prodducts are started by Nature and finished by Hand !!



French Pear Cube

French Pear Cube


Delicious Golden Pear with an added twist of juicy melon & green apple accords.



Approx burn time:  45 hours



'Turtle' doorstops

'Turtle' doorstops


Made in Kenya from recycled flip flops 

New Product


Miraculous Facial Oil

Miraculous Facial Oil


 Elegantly blended natural ingredients to give your skin the ultimate indulgent facial, revealing instant hydration, smoothness and brightness.

High in anti-oxidants to protect the skin and help minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

miraculous facial oil with organic white tea and organic rosehip oil


Eco Store - Dish Brush

Eco Store - Dish Brush



Pack of 6 Bags

Pack of 6 Bags


ATTENTION......due to the Radio Talkback show on 8/11/16...we are getting lots of enquries about these bags and for those wanting to purchase please ring us on 0800 131 099......freight will be $4.50 per pack...please do not order online ....payment via credit card...many thanks....the bags are wonderful!!! will be despatching in next 5-7 days

Made in NZ......a natural clay incorporated in the manufacturing of these bags absorbs the ethylene gases from your fruit and vegetables and helps them stay fresh for day....reusable for up to six months


Organic 'Ginger' White Tea

Organic 'Ginger' White Tea


Enjoy a warming and awakening CHINA WHITE  tea !! 

Available in re-sealable 90gm bags


Boil water and sit for a few minutes.  Place your China White tea leaves (2 teaspoons per cup),  in a strainer or tea pot.  Pour over hot water and allow to brew for at least 10 minutes,  then enjoy!!!



Prices are displayed in NZ dollars & incl GST.

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